Justin Bieber Monkey Fine Triggers Germany Request To US Authorities

Justin Bieber’s overdue bill for his former pet monkey, now Herr Mally, rears its unpaid head once more.

German officials with The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation have reportedly asked for help from the US government — presumably via the United States Postal Service — to physically deliver a fine notice to the pop star.

The Biebs currently owes over $1,500 to cover care for his former pet monkey after it was seized on March 28 by airport customs agents in Munich.

The bill also includes payment for vet visits and food incurred since March.

The monkey was taken off Bieber when he failed to provide proper paperwork for the animal after flying into Germany on his private jet. Weeks in a Munich shelter for the (originally 14-weeks-old primate) followed, along with criticism of the star by the shelter and various animal welfare groups.

After Team Bieber allowed a May 17 deadline to claim Mally to count down, it officially became the property of Germany and has been re-homed in the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen.

But, while Mally’s needs have now been permanently dealt with, the fine remains outstanding.

According to The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation’s attorney, Ellen Frederichs, the issue is about getting the fine notice to Bieber.

“He hasn’t paid the fine just yet. The problem is we didn’t have an exact address,” she explained, adding the notice has to be delivered personally.

“It’s an official act because it’s on the territory of the US, so we can’t just send it to him. We have to ask American authorities to deliver it.”

Celebuzz reports German authorities hope US assistance will enable them to serve Bieber by next week.

The website reports the teen singer’s total bill includes $1500 for accommodation costs for Mally to the Conversation and customs officials, with an additional fine of between 1500 to 2000 euros.

In all, Bieber could be hit with a $3000 fine. The penalty also comes with a window, reportedly, two weeks for the accommodation fees and four weeks for the fine.

Without removing Justin’s responsibility to settle up, it seems a little odd the Conservation agency are insisting on personally delivering the fine. If timing is such an issue then why not send the bill by email?

Either way, pay up kid and get this monkey off your back.

[Image via Fuse]

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