Twerk Scholarship: Juicy J Offers $50,000 To Best Twerker

Do you want to go to college? Can you twerk? The Juicy J Twerking Scholarship may be your ticket to a better education.

The singer announced on Twitter last night that he was going to give $50,000 to the "best chick that can Twerk."

Juicy J wrote on Twitter: "im giving out a 50k scholarships to the best chick that can twerk"

It appears that Juicy J deleted the original tweet but that doesn't mean that the Twerking contest is over.

The singer retweeted a message from The Doctor Luke that reads: "@therealjuicyj The Juicy J Scholarship Foundation!!!! Twerk your way thru college. #GivingBack"

If you're unfamiliar with twerking, urban dictionary defines it as "the rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshy extremities in a lascivious manner with the intent to elicit sexual arousal or laughter in ones intended audience."

Juicy J hasn't released any scholarship details but I'm guessing that he's getting plenty of Twerking gifs and videos sent to him on Twitter.

If you're looking for a little help composing your video here's a video showing the twerking basics.

Do you think Juicy J will make good on his promise to give out a $50,000 twerking scholarship? I wouldn't hold your breath. The singer was probably very, very high the day that he wrote that.

Do you have what it takes to earn Juicy J's twerking scholarship?