Anti-Goose Drone Is Chasing Birds Around In Ottawa [Video]

Canada is now testing an anti-goose drone to rid public parks and beaches of their iconic Canada geese. As a side benefit, the drone will chase away nuisance gulls as well.

Hit that button to see the new anti-goose drone in action. Ottawa, Canada has hired tech expert Steve Wambolt to chase the Canada geese and gull species from a beach.

According to a report in CBC news, Wambolt built the anti-goose drone for the low, low price of $6,000. And it really works.

In fact, it worked so well that there were no Canada geese on the test beach on Tuesday, when the video was made. So Wambolt performed his demonstration for CBC at a different site.

So why don’t the city fathers of Ottawa like Canada geese on their beaches? Well, if you have to ask that question, you must not have a goose problem in your town.

The species is vegetarian. They may eat a fish or a bug by accident once in awhile. But mostly they eat a plant diet that’s very high in fiber.

And do I really have to tell you what comes out the other end when a goose does that?

It’s a mess. At times the beach in question has been closed because of poor water quality. And people have to believe that the very abundant deposits left behind by Canada geese is part of the reason why.

Wambolt had to get a $2 million insurance policy, two federal permits, and a city permit just to operate an anti-goose drone he built himself. Still, if it works, the $6,000 might be cheap at the price if it protects the beach.

True, you or I might have been tempted to just chase the geese around by the cheaper method of waving our arms — or a shotgun.

But, heck, that just isn’t as cool.

If the anti-goose drone continues to work, Ottawa has already said that they may expand the program.

[Canada goose and goslings thumbnail photo credit: Chung Ho Leung via photopin cc]

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