Games And Booze Collide At Geek Bar Chicago

Whoever said nerds don’t hang out at bars has something coming to them. A new project at Kickstarter takes the geek essentials of games, tables for laptops, and board games. Did we mention booze? Because that’s going to be included too in the Geek Bar.

Geek Bar Chicago was first started on Kickstarter by David Zoltan and Matthew Wolff, two individuals who are such geeks that they stretched their final goal at the last-minute to fund life-size replicas of Iron Throne from Game of Thrones to be featured at the bar.

The money raised on their Kickstarter mixology funded the building of Geek Bar Chicago, and that’s about it. In addition, actual investors ponied up some dough to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars, which helped the geek duo on their journey to creating the best geek bar ever.

According to David Zoltan Geek Bar became a conceptualized idea in August of 2012 when he was geeking out over Dr. Who but had no one to hang and geek out with. The idea for Geek Bar was instantaneously born from there.

Instead of lively jumping music, this is a place where geeks can come to discuss the upcoming Star Wars films, the latest episode of Dr. Who, and anything geek related. The best part about the joint it’s a place where you can play board games, and have a beer while you’re at it too.

One thing that’s important about the bar is the community aspect, Zoltan adds: “That’s a really important thing when you’re [starting] a bar that’s centered around a particular culture — that they have some ownership.”

As far as what the joint will look like, the two have plans to theme each bar, one that will look like a mad scientist’s lair, and another that will be designed to look like Blade Runner.

If you get hungry, don’t fret, you will be able to order a few quick bites to eat as well. Foods will be geek-centric as well.

Check out some of the awesome eats:

Will you be sitting down at the Geek Bar Chicago?

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