Ping Smart Wallet Alerts Theft, And Missing Cards

It’s happened to you millions of times over. You’re flipping through your wallet for your credit card or debit, and suddenly it’s nowhere to be found. You could have sworn you put it back where it belongs, so what happened to it? More importantly, how do we stop cards from disappearing on us? It seems like we finally have the answer.

Ping smart wallet is a battery operated smart wallet that will alert you when an item has been removed or has not been returned in a prompt manner. Ping is a sleek designed aluminum case, that looks small enough to hold important cards, such as your ID, credit cards, or debit cards. So where’s the catch?

The cool thing about Ping is that it seems to have absolutely no catch. You can link Ping smart wallet up with your iPhone or Android device with Bluetooth 4.0 and the holder will make a sound to notify you that something is very wrong.

Even if you need to locate the wallet itself, a noise will help you find it. This looks to be pretty much fool-proof for people who have been a victim of identity theft, or for those who are careless with their information.

The range in sound is reportedly up to 100 feet, and the battery is said to last two years. It’s a custom battery so when it eventually goes out it will have to be replaced for a fee, but apparently that fee is small.

Ping was started as a $30,000 Kickstarter campaign, which states that Ping holds “more than 10 cards and a great deal of cash.” There’s also an elastic band attached to the wallet to fasten everything in tight. The fun part about Ping is if you want to go a little stylish, you can. According to Kickstarter Ping is available in various colors.

Currently Ping is priced at $79 but it’s available to backers for a reduced price of $49.

Do you think this will come in handy?

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