Toni Braxton Had No Idea Her Whole Butt Was Visible On Stage

Toni Braxton’s recent “wardrobe malfunction” is known as “butt-gate,” but despite exposing her entire derriere to a crowd during a recent performance, the star says she didn’t feel a breeze or anything.

When Toni Braxton turned around while singing the already saucy hit “You’re Making Me High,” fans got a bit more than a live rendition of the song.

As Braxton turned around, her dress either slipped, fell apart, or did some other thing it wasn’t supposed to do — revealing her bare bottom to the crown as she sang, unaware.

Toni Braxton later admitted that while she realized her butt was hanging out, she didn’t figure it out right away.

She says to Yahoo:

“It [took] a few minutes… I was dancing doing the one-two and I kind of thought, ‘Are my [breasts] exposed? I am feeling air.’ I remember that distinctly, so that’s why I held the top of the dress but then I realized the whole dress was coming apart. The whole dress just fell apart on stage!”

It’s okay, Toni. That happened to me on the N train once. She continues, reminding fans that she was not going commando even if it looked that way:

“I had a bodysuit on but it was very skimpy… Little tricks of the trade. I was uncomfortable. I can’t deny I was uncomfortable, but I made it work and the audience kind of laughed and it turned into a burlesque show. I should have charged more for the tickets. Who knew?”

Braxton also admits she was super embarrassed and considered doing what we’d all be thinking — but running off the stage wasn’t an option for her:

“You know, you have to make every moment work. You make it a part of the show and I just thought how lucky I was that the whole thing didn’t come apart! We laughed about it and we made it work, but that’s all you can do. Breathe through it all.”

Toni Braxton’s fans were then treated to an impromptu peek-a-boo dance with her glittered g-string as she launched into the next song.

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