Toni Braxton Experiences Wardrobe Malfunction In New Jersey

Toni Braxton experienced what can only be described as an epic wardrobe malfunction during a recent concert in New Jersey.

The 45-year-old singer was reportedly in the middle of her set when something went seriously wrong with the skimpy outfit she was wearing at the time. Although fans were very aware of the mishap, apparently Braxton was oblivious to the problem.

Here’s the sad part: Nobody bothered to tell Toni Braxton that a wardrobe malfunction had occurred. Instead, she continued to sing with her behind hanging out of her dress. Apparently people backstage and in the audience didn’t mind the view.

The male fans the singer brought on-stage didn’t bother to tell the singer about the issue either. Braxton eventually discovered the problem and attempted to pull her skirt back up. Unfortunately, the outfit wasn’t in the mood to cooperate.

After it was clear that she was having problems, a male fan offered Toni Braxton his coat. After covering up her wardrobe malfunction, the singer was able to wiggle out of the problematic dress. She reportedly performed the rest of the show in the guy’s coat and a nude bodysuit.

If you’re curious to see the mishap in question, swing by Hollywood Life for a slideshow featuring the singer’s exposed behind. They’re a little too risque to post here. TMZ has video of the incident if pictures aren’t your thing.

Toni Braxton announced not too long ago that she was retiring from music. Like most of these celebrity proclamations, it didn’t last very long. The singer recently teamed up with producer, singer, and songwriter Babyface for a collection of duets. Love, Marriage, Divorce is set for release on December 3.

In order to get everyone excited about the project, the label is in the process of unveiling the first tune. Hurt You is expected to hit radio this week. The cover of the single is included below.

Are you a fan of Toni Braxton? What do you think about the singer’s recent wardrobe malfunction?

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