‘Getaway’ Allowed Selena Gomez To Play With Guns And Cars

Dungeons and Dragons director Courtney Solomon’s latest flick Getaway allows Selena Gomez to tackle yet another role that takes her further away from her days at Disney.

The upcoming thriller finds the Spring Breakers alum riding around inside a Mustang with co-star Ethan Hawke. Since Gomez plays a rebellious tomboy in the upcoming action flick, the actress learned a thing or two about cars and guns on the set.

“It was really fun for me to pretend to know about cars and technology because I know nothing about it, so I actually did get to learn a lot about it. As far as having done that in my real life, I don’t know, I stole a ChapStick when I was seven, at a store,” she said during her chat with Latina.

Instead of giving Selena Gomez plenty of gun training on the Getaway set, Solomon wanted her to figure things out on her own. Since she plays a teenager in the flick, the filmmaker thought her inexperience would benefit her performance.

“I wasn’t supposed to be a professional at that so I did learn how to hold it properly, but yeah, I was scared. It was definitely the weirdest thing. But I kind of felt like a badass, so that was cool!” she explained to the website.

Getaway stars Ethan Hawke as a man who must perform a series of tasks in order to rescue his kidnapped wife. The situation gets a bit more complicated when Gomez’s character gets wrapped up in the plot. Most of the movie reportedly takes place inside a Mustang.

To get everyone as excited as humanly possible about the flick, Warner Bros. recently unleashed a series of promotional images online. The second trailer for the upcoming thriller can be found below.

Courtney Solomon’s Getaway is slated to hit theaters on August 30.

[Image via Warner Bros. Pictures]