JWoww Posts Picture Of Newborn Niece Giving The Middle Finger

JWoww has never been known to hold back her opinion on a topic, and apparently it’s a trait that runs in the family.

The reality show star this week tweeted a picture of her newborn niece flipping the middle finger to the camera. The baby girl, Madilynn, still had her hospital wristband on, but apparently the youngster was feisty enough to express her unhappiness with being photographed.

JWoww, otherwise known as Jennifer Farley, is already pretty used to little ones flipping her the bird. Back when her friend Snooki was pregnant with son Lorenzo, JWoww joined her for an ultrasound visit to get a look at the growing baby. Instead she got what appeared to be a big middle finger from Lorenzo.

“I need that picture — you need doubles!” JWoww said to Snooki as she laughed at Lorenzo’s extended middle finger.

It seems to be a big week in general for JWoww. Aside from becoming an aunt again, she got news that a judge would allow her and Snooki to visit the seaside town of Berkeley Township in New Jersey to film their reality show.

For years the pair had been a fixture in nearby Seaside Heights, where Jersey Shore was filmed, but had been blocked by the town of Berkeley Township over concerns the “irreparable harm” the filming could do to the town. Though a judge denied the request of a neighbor to stop filming, some residents said they’re still concerned with filming of the show.

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