Georgia School Shooting: Suspect Had 500 Rounds Of Ammo

The Georgia school shooting suspect has been identified as 20-year-old Michael Brandon Hill. On Tuesday, Hill walked into the McNair Discovery Learning Academy with an AK-47. He proceeded to the elementary school’s office, holding two staff members hostage.

Hill fired several shots from inside the office before police arrived on scene. When the police arrived, he continued to fire out the window. The police shot back several times before Hill finally surrendered.

As reported by USA Today, nobody was harmed in the incident.However, things could have ended much worse. Hill was in possession of several weapons, and 500 rounds of ammo.

McNair Academy visitors and staff must be identified before the door is released. School officials believe Hill snuck into the building when the door was unlocked for someone else.

School bookkeeper Antoinette Tuff was one of Hill’s hostages. She says that the suspect apologized and mentioned that he had not been taking his medication.

When the police arrived, Hill told Tuff that he was not afraid to die.

Tuff continued the conversation in an attempt to calm Hill down. She eventually convinced him to drop his weapons and surrender.

The Georgia school shooting was frightening for everyone involved. However, Tuff is credited with preventing a devastating tragedy.

Michael’s brother Timothy explains that the suspect has a “long history” of mental health issues. He has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Michael has reportedly been on medication since the age of six.

Michael Brandon Hill also has a criminal history. In March he was arrested for making terrorist threats after he threatened his brother’s life.

As reported by CBS News, authorities questioned Hill for several hours. However, he has not revealed a motive. Hill has no known connection to the school, any of the staff, or the students.

McNair Discovery Learning Academy students will temporarily attend classes at the McNair High School. This morning the high school marquee read, “Welcome McNair Elementary School Our Prayers Are With You.”

Michael Brandon Hill is currently incarcerated and awaiting trial for the Georgia school shooting.

Michael Brandon Hill was arrested for making terrorist threats, assaulting an officer, and possession of firearms.

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