Man’s Last Wish Granted, To Drop $10,000 From The Sky

Patrons at a Delaware Irish Pub got the surprise of their lives when money started falling from the sky, courtesy of Leonard Maull, who passed away a year ago. That was his last wish.

According to Bill Berry, accountant and trustee for Maull’s estate, the late man who operated a local bait and tackle shop, had the wish of dropping $10,000 from the sky.

Those having lunch at the Irish Eyes Pub and Restaurant in Lewes were enjoying their fish and chips when money literally fell on them.

Maull’s wish was to have the $10,000 in $5, $10, $20 and $50 bills, flown over the harbor and dropped for strangers to enjoy. It was written in his will, Berry said.

The deed was accomplished by using a helicopter and dropping the money as the man wished and people who were there had a hard time believing that it was for real.

Not everyday, money falls from the sky. But Leonard Maull thought it would be a nice thing to do for complete strangers.

“Nobody really knew what was happening until it happened,” Kara Miele, an Irish Eyes employee, told HLN affiliate WBOC. “You could see that they were yelling that it was money, and then everyone knew it was money. And then the customers ran over and we ran over.”

Leonard Maull, File Photo via Capegazette

Miele says nobody was really fighting over the bills, they were just happy that they could take them, people were screaming as the money kept coming down, some went into the water to grab bills that had landed there.

“It was his money, and I figured he could do what he wanted to do with it,” Berry told WBOC.

Unfortunately, none of the people that were present at the time, had the forethought to take a picture, so there is no recorded evidence of the man’s random act of kindness, the day when $10,000 fell from the sky in Lewes, Delaware.

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