Three turkey soup options to attack Thanksgiving leftovers

The first wave of Black Friday shoppers are home and are seeking en masse to cut into the massive amount of turkey present in many American homes right now.

Turkey soup is arguably the most popular way to reuse the several pounds of excess turkey left over after Thanksgiving, and soups are one of the easier foods to make on a day when most people across the country are tired of both eating solid foods and even looking at kitchen utensils. So if you’re looking for turkey soup recipes, here are some options to get you started- from basic to curry-infused.

If you want a standard, all-purpose turkey soup, Alton Brown is a great source for basic recipes that are scientifically sound. Brown’s “Bird to the Last Drop” recipe includes nothing more exotic than Old Bay Seasoning, and is ready to eat in about an hour. Bonus- most of the ingredients are things you probably already have on hand. Definitely a simple turkey soup recipe option.

Epicurious has a busier version of the Black Friday staple, an Italian-ized version that includes tomatoes, ravioli and of course, turkey. The recipe includes a bit more in the way of spices, so if your spice pantry is depleted, you might want to give this recipe a pass. On the upside, it’s a slightly different flavor than the other classic post-Thanksgiving redux, turkey sandwiches. bucks traditional flavors entirely with their Quick and Easy Curried Turkey Soup directive. While Turkey Curry is a common leftover option in places like the UK, Americans are not widely curry-thinking. If you’re really sick of the potatoes-stuffing-potatoes trifecta, a turkey soup recipe with curry might make you forget you’re eating Thanksgiving leftovers at all.

Are you more of a sandwich person or a hash fan? How do you plan to use the metric ton of turkey in your fridge?


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