Adoption Billboard Created So Parents Can ‘Market Themselves’

A couple from Maryland have created a billboard to advertise their attempts to adopt a child.

Orna and Jay, who decided not to reveal their real names, have bought out an advertising space in New Jersey, as the rules in their native state have hindered their adoption chances.

The pair have already adopted a two-year-old, Ben, and now they would like to have a sibling for their son. However, Maryland’s adoption process is more difficult for a second child as birth parents often want to give their offspring to childless couples.

The Maryland couple decided to buy a billboard on the New Jersey Turnpike, one of the state’s busiest roads, to advertise their pursuit, and it includes their website, phone number, a picture of themselves, and the caption, “Loving couple looking to adopt.”

Jay and Orna decided to advertise in New Jersey rather than Michigan, because birth mothers only have 28 days to reverse their choice their, while in their home state they have 28 days to reverse the decision.

Jay, a sales executive, told CBS, “We feel as a couple our goal is to market ourselves to as many people. To let them know there’s an option for their 16-,18-, 20-, or 25-year-old young woman who isn’t ready to be a mom.”

Jay and Orna, who is a doctor, are now paying $2,000 a month for the advertisement, however they believe that it is worth it because they are confident that it will lead to an adoption.

The couple, who have been married for six years, explained that it took two years to adopt Ben, and they now hope that the advert will speed up their attempts for a second child.

Jay noted, “What we hope to find is that one unique situation where someone picks up the phone or goes to our website and say, ‘Hey I can give a great gift to this couple’.”

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