School Bus Driver Drops Children Off 17 Miles Away In Wrong City

A school bus driver dropped off a group of children around 17 miles away from their homes, before then driving off.

Some of the girls in the group were as young as 10 and they were left in tears because of the driver’s antics.

The passengers were expected to be taken to their usual bus stop in Coral Springs, which is just a few blocks away from their home. Instead they were taken to Broward Health North in Pompano Beach, Florida, which is 17 miles away, before being abandoned by the driver.

Samantha Cisneros, a 10-year-old, who was one of seven children that was involved in the mistake, the oldest was only 13. Samantha broke down in tears when she relieved the experience while on NBC 6, and she even vowed that she is never going to step onto a bus again.

The girls tried to tell the driver that he had missed their intended stop, and kept on pestering him as he drove out of Coral Springs and then into Pompano Beach.

Samantha’s father, Wilson Cisneros, even tried to speak to the driver on the phone, but he said he couldn’t because he was currently driving.

Wilson stated, “I’m totally frustrated, mad, angry, and I can’t believe a person would just drop a child off in the street basically to just fend for yourself.”

His wife, Tracy, added, “He was not nice, he wouldn’t communicate to my husband and say where he was dropping them off. It’s not good. It’s not acceptable. And where are they getting these people from?”

Girls then called their parents to inform them of the ordeal, who then arrived to pick up their children.

Tracy Clark, the Broward County Public Schools spokeswoman yesterday released a statement that read, “We are investigating this incident. Transportation Department representatives reached out to the parents/families of the students this evening. We apologise to the students and families impacted by this incident. The safety and security of our students is our highest priority.”

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