Dog Owner On Craigslist Threatens To Shoot Pet If Not Adopted

A dog owner’s threat to shoot and kill the canine if someone else didn’t pick the animal up stunned Craigslist posters in Illinois where the sickening ad was posted.

Originating from Morrisville, the dog owner’s simple and horrible threat was viewed by Craigslist user Liz Pendleton of University City, who lived about an hour from the man’s stated location.

The dog owner’s threat was simple but chilling, reading: “dog needs gone or shot.” What would you do?

Hopefully, what Pendleton did to save the dog on Craigslist facing a shooting death by his owner.

She tearfully recalls:

“In the description of the dog, it said that they had no use for a dog and if it wasn’t gone by the end of the day they were going to shoot it. We had to pick him up, no question about it.”

Pendleton adds time was of the essence to save the dog from being shot to death by his careless owner — and she rushed to the scene:

“I couldn’t leave him. The ad had only been up for an hour and a half but I didn’t want to take any chances of him getting hurt so I left within the half hour of seeing the ad myself.”

While the dog owner’s threat to shoot the dog is no longer endangering the animal, now named Buck, the German Shepard mix still needs a home because Pendleton cannot adopt him.

She says:

“He deserves love and much more than he has been getting.”

The user didn’t alert cops to the dog owner’s threat to shoot the healthy animal, and she’s more concerned with finding the pet a good home where he won’t be shot to death.

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