Marylandstreetparkingindianapolis: Weirdest Trend Hiccup Ever

Marylandstreetparkingindianapolis? What the heck is this?

That’s what I asked myself this morning when I woke up to do some writing. As we have explained in previous posts, most online publications aggregate news from real-time trends provided by MSN, Yahoo, Google, etc. From there, it’s question of “who can write the best damn article about this topic” and the rat race among online publications begins.

This is stuff you’re searching for and reading about, and as I write this very sentence, a ton of people are looking for “marylandstreetparkingindianapolis,” or at least enough of you are that this odd term has made the No. 12 spot on MSN Trends.

This is an out-and-out trend hiccup, a term that originated over at Social News Daily (oh hey, full disclosure: I wrote that) and put into use by various other publications in mid-June when the Internet decided to kill Bindi Irwin, Steve Irwin’s daughter.

Trend hiccups have also fired Chris Matthews from MSNBC and resurrected Sammi Kane Kraft and Krissy Taylor from the grave. Basically, these happen when old news meets new searches and they have a weird baby.

So why the bizarre keyword today? Well, there are a lot of reasons someone in the Indianapolis area would want to find parking on Maryland Street. There’s a mall, a Marriott, and a baseball field there. We’re going with the lattermost, as a quick view of Victory Field’s 2013 schedule shows a butt-ton of games today.

Victory field holds about 15,000, so that’s certainly enough people looking for parking to get Marylandstreetparkingindianapolis trending. Mystery solved! *high-fives self*

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