Richard Branson Will Announce iPad Only Magazine Next Week

Billionaire adventurer and Virgin, Inc. owner Richard Branson will unveil his iPad only magazine next week at a press event in New York City.

According to AdAge the magazine will be focused in the entrepreneurial space, specifically focusing on “new creative, business, travel and technology ideas.” The magazine is set to cater to an “upscale international audience.” However, the current press event notice says it will focus on international culture, entertainment, design, business and travel.

Mashable believes the iPad Magazine could be a digital in-flight magazine in the fashion of the company’s other in-flight magazines Seatback and Electric!

Will tablets and other portable devices help save traditional media from bankruptcy? Honestly, it’s still hard to tell, but with Rupert Murdoch spending $30 million to create The Daily an iPad only newspaper it’s pretty clear that old media is heading into new media head on at this juncture, if they can translate their own business models to the medium however is left to be seen.

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