Family Speaks, Autistic Boy Hate Letter ‘Disgusting’

What has been referred to as the “autistic boy hate letter” since it went viral this week was indeed a shocking missive of hatred aimed at a 13-year-old kid and his family, and the highly shared note has drawn worldwide ire against the person who (likely anonymously) wrote it.

The autistic boy hate letter went from some very upsetting rhetoric (about how the boy is not “normal” and the “noises” he makes don’t “belong” in the neighborhood) to violently angry rather quickly — with final paragraphs of the letter suggesting the family “euthanize” the young teen because no one would want to “marry” or hire him.

The autistic boy hate letter was slipped under the door of grandma Brenda Millson, and virally shared on the Facebook page of a woman named Elizabeth DeSousa Lloyd. Millson has since come forward after the letter she received which read in part:

“Personally, they should take whatever non retarded body parts he possesses and donate it to science… What right do you have to do this to hard working people!!!!!!! I HATE people like you who believe, just because you have a special needs kid, you are entitled to special treatment!!! Go live in a trailer in the woods or something with your wild animal kid…(do) the right thing and move or euthanize him.”

Millson admits she shook reading the horrible words on the page, adding:

“I was shaking when I read it. It’s awful words. You don’t know why somebody would ever do such a thing.”

Dad James Begley called the letter “disgusting,” and mom Karla said:

“I cannot believe that someone would think that in this day and age… Who says that about a child?”

James concurs:

“If someone is sick enough to not only have those thoughts, but to write those thoughts out and then to mail them… they should be considered dangerous. We are all concerned.”

Who indeed is the question regarding the autistic boy hate letter received by Max’s family. While the case has received significant social and old media attention, no one has yet been pegged as the letter writer.

Do you think the autistic boy hate letter’s author committed a crime in writing this letter?

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