[Video] Accidental CCing gets Australian journalist Thanksgiving invite from strangers after years of “eavesdropping”

This is really adorable.

You may have experienced the phenomenon of the accidental CC- I was inadvertently included on a really boring email book club list, and they wouldn’t unsubscribe me no matter how hard I asked. Australian journalist James West has been wrongly included on yearly Thanksgiving chains involving the “Tran family” for several years, and what started as an annoyance got West both very hungry and very envious. So he began a social media campaign to “track down the Trans” and get an invite to their very American celebration. (He also apologies for being “creepy,” but it doesn’t come off creepily at all.)

Per The Daily What, West was successful in his venture- not only did he find the Trans, but he got an invite to their Thanksgiving dinner. The Tran family is reportedly very excited about the event and West’s inclusion, and TV cameras will be present at the airport to film the… reunion?

On the video’s YouTube page, there’s a message attributed to “Mr. Tran”:

Hey, its George and you are totally invited! See you Thursday morning!!!!!

Cutest line of the video: “I’m sorry for perving on your Thanksgiving… I’ll bring the canned corn.”