LeBron James Police Escort Was Improper, Miami Cops Say

The police escort that LeBron James received Friday night to the Jay Z and Justin Timberlake concert violated police policy and is under investigation

James stirred up Instagram with a video that showed him traveling the wrong way behind a police vehicle and toward Sun Life Stadium which was followed by this tweet: “They treat us so well! Needed it cause traffic was nuts!!”

The Miami-Dade Police Department issued a news release about the LeBron concert escort which read as follows:

“It has been brought to our attention that a video was posted on the Internet by LeBron James… where it shows him being escorted onto the property of Sun life Stadium for a concert on Friday. Upon further investigation, it has been confirmed that the Miami-Dade Police Department did facilitate Mr. James from one intersection to another, in the adjacent area of the stadium. This was not a scheduled escort and although all safety precautions were taken, the department has identified these actions as a violation of departmental policy. The Miami-Dade Police Department will continue to look into the matter.”

According to CBS Miami, the Miami Heat superstar was escorted eight blocks to the venue by a motorcycle officer who was working a private security detail at the stadium and therefore was not on the taxpayer’s dime.

A source inside the police department, however, told TMZ that “this should not have happened” and that “the department is still looking into which officers were involved and will determine what punishment, if any, is appropriate.”

TMZ also claims that Jay Z wouldn’t take the stage until LeBron arrived “so police determined it was in everyone’s best interest to get LeBron there ASAP.”

What is your reaction to LeBron James apparently receiving special treatment in the form of a police escort to the Jay Z and Justin Timberlake concert?

[Image credit: Steve Jurvetson]