Grumpy Cat’s Interview With Australian Today’s Karl Stefanovic Goes Viral [Video]

Grumpy Cat’s 15 minutes are far from over, as evidenced by her exclusive and in-depth interview with Karl Stefanovic of Australia’s Today Show.

The interview was actually pretty clever in its set-up (note closely what follows, American Today Show). Stefanovic asked several questions of Grumpy Cat about her fame, her upcoming book, and about Australian politics, and literally let the feline frown-machine respond.

That is, Grumpy Cat doesn’t respond (because she’s a cat, duh) and just listlessly looks around the room for something better to do in the face of Stefanovic’s banal questions.

Note: This is actually why I really like the Grumpy Cat meme, and a testament to its longevity, because Tard’s owners haven’t stepped in to claim any of the spotlight.

Anyway, Setfanovic plays along for as long as he can but ultimately devolves into a cackling observer like many in his audience, only capable of breathlessly uttering “Look at the cat! Look at the cat!” over and over again.

The video has been uploaded to YouTube and has earned nearly 100,000 hits as of this posting.

And as an aside, Stefanovic was absolutely the right guy to handle this Grumpy Cat interview. She has regularly made headlines for her on-screen antics, including being duped into eating the world’s hottest pie, uncontrollably laughing at an innuendo about a cow “sucking off” a man’s wedding ring, and fat-shaming the subject of a morning report because “no one’s watching” so early.

You can check out Karl Stefanovic’s Grumpy Cat interview below:

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