Karl Stefanovic: ‘No One’s Watching’ So He Fat Shames Dude On Live TV

TV morning host Karl Stefanovic figures nobody’s watching his Today Show Australia at 18 to six in the morning. So he might as well fat shame some hugely overweight guy on live TV.

You can see the video from the program up top.

I’ve posted a couple more examples of his hard-hitting journalism below. The short version is that Karl Stefanovic doesn’t take anything seriously.

And most Australians seem to think he’s pretty funny.

But some of the fans were apparently less-than-thrilled by the new fat shaming comments.

“I’m going to go on record and say that Karl Stefanovic has to be stopped” and “This is really sad” were a couple of Twitter tweets from haters.

But the debate really raged at YouTube, with over 500 comments left about the video since it was posted on Sunday.

One side might be represented by this top comment from YouTuber samfergo94: “[W]ithout people being a******s to fat people a good portion of them would never find the motivation to get into shape.”

But the other side wasn’t impressed by that argument. YouTuber TheStateOfBeing made a typical argument: “Regardless [of whether]…it was a ‘just messing with you’ jest or not it was still unprofessional.”

I’m not so sure. Stefanovic’s whole act seems to be about being silly and acting up. So maybe mocking some random guy in the news for being fat is as professional as it gets for him.

And if not too many people are watching, Karl Stefanovic may as well loosen up and have fun with it. Let’s see what else the Today Show Australia host has in his resumé.

Here’s Karl Stefanovic on a burning issue of the day in 2012. Yeah, it’s a video report about a cow sucking off a guy’s ring.

In May Stefanovic was pranked by a cohost into eating the world’s hottest pie. He doesn’t vomit all that much.

One YouTube member comment on that video said, “He’s made millions of dollars from being on a show no one actually watches…and realized he can never be fired because every time he does something stupid people think it’s funny. Now he’s just trolling people.”

Heh. And Karl Stefanovic thinks nobody’s watching.

[thumbnail via Waking up with Karl Stefanovic Facebook page]