11-Year-Old Girl Receives Death Threat Inside Raggedy Ann Doll: ‘Kill Yourself Or I’ll Kill You’

An 11-year-old girl has received a death threat inside her Raggedy Ann doll, which read “kill yourself or I’ll kill you.”

Bella Mastracci was taken from inside her home in Powell Ohio, before it was eventually returned to the abode’s porch with the disturbing message stuffed inside a slit in her throat.

The full message to Bella read, “Dear Bella… you should kill yourself before I do.” It then included, “P.S. My last name stars with a (sic) H.”

As soon as Bella was brought back together with her doll she then rushed to her mother, Cami Amato, who immediately called the police while she looked to comfort her apoplectic child.

When officers arrived they then spoke with neighbors, and quickly got into contact with children, and their parents, who had been in the area when the toy vanished.

Cami Amato told NBC News 4, “[I’m shocked] that people have the audacity to walk up to my front porch and drop the doll here. Powell parents are just like, ‘I can’t believe this is going on’.”

Police have now conducted extensive tests on the doll while they are currently following up on several leads; however, they are still nowhere nearer to finding the architect of this hideous note.

Stephen Hrytzik, the deputy chief for Powell, remarked that officers were unable to take any fingerprints off the doll or letter, but they are set to use different methods as they continue their investigation.

Hrytzik added, “Oh this is a crime, absolutely. It is a concern to the parents, it’s a concern to us. We don’t see cases like this very often.”

Bella is about to progress into the sixth grade, but her preparations have been severely disrupted by this letter inside her Raggedy Ann doll, which has left her confused and devastated.

Bella had also previously been the victim of bullying and her mother told NBC News, “Stop bullying. Don’t be mean. Don’t bully anybody else, because it’s hurting them.”

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