Social Networks Turned Into Real Life Scenarios

Social networks have been turned into real life scenarios in these parody videos.

What if the sites you visited ended up becoming your life? No, we don’t mean just becoming an obsession that takes over your life, but actually becoming scenarios you encounter from day to day. These videos show what would happen if some of the popular ones ended up actually becoming real.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the first video (below) shows what happens when Facebook updates your everyday life, giving your friends a free run of your home, music and pictures. What would you do if that wall-dominating TV was suddenly shrunk, alongside your spacious couch, to a more compact size to make room for something you didn’t even want? That’s what the first video, entitled A Facebook Update In Real Life, will show you.

The second social network video shows us what Pinterest would be like if it invaded real life, as others constantly repin everything they find interesting. We have an Oriental woman walk up to a complete stranger and remark, “Gorgeous.” As the other woman says her thanks, the first woman grabs her scarf and pins it to a wall. Another lady is about to enjoy a cupcake, when the Oriental woman grabs it. She yells, “What the frack?” as the first lady explains herself and then proceeds to pin the cupcake to the same wall. The rest of the video, entitled Pinsanity, is the second one down.

The third of the social network videos is about Instagram. It begins with a man telling us:

“I love Instagram. For years it’s been my preferred way of turning my sh***y pictures into sh***y pictures with filters on them. But recently I realized that that wasn’t enough. What I really needed was a way to make my life less sh***y. Use Instagram IRL to turn your boring old possibly lesbian girlfriend who won’t even sleep with you into a cool, hot nerdy topical girlfriend and who understands all of your Doctor Who references.”

He then gives us interviews with others who turned their lives around with the fictional app. The rest of the video is below.

If you would like to see more of these social network videos that turn the sites into real life, there are seven more on Social News Daily.

What do you think of these social network parody videos that show us what the sites would be like in real life?