Andrea Sneiderman: Jury Find Her Guilty On Nine Counts

The jury in the Andrea Sneiderman case has found her guilty of nine out of the 13 charges she faced.

The defense and prosecution gave their closing arguments on Thursday. The case went to the jury, but, after deliberating all day Friday, the jurors failed to reach a verdict. The judge then told them to return on Monday.

The background to the case is this: Sneiderman’s husband, Rusty Sneiderman, was shot and killed in November 2010 outside a suburban Atlanta school.

Hemy Neuman, Sneiderman’s former boss, was convicted of the killing in March 2012; however, he was found to be mentally ill. He is serving life in prison while receiving mental health treatment.

Prosecutors initially accused Andrea of having an affair with Neuman and said she arranged her husband’s killing. However, murder charges against her were later dropped. She has pleaded not guilty and has consistently denied any romantic relationship with her former boss.

Prosecutors then accused Sneiderman of lying to police who were investigating her husband’s death. They also claimed that she lied under oath during Neuman’s trial.

The 13-count indictment against her included charges of making false statements, hindering an investigation, and perjury. Late on Monday, the defense asked the judge to drop six of the 13 remaining charges against Sneiderman.

They argued that the state had failed to make its case. The judge disagreed.

Sneiderman’s defense attorneys said that prosecutors had a weak case but were desperate to convict Andrea Sneiderman of something.

However, the jury appear to have supported the defense’s viewpoint and have found her guilty of only nine of the charges.

Now, all that is left for Andrea Sneiderman is to wait for sentencing.

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