Seth Macfarlane Alexis Knapp Dating Rumors: Rep Speaks!

Gossip sites this week reported that Seth MacFarlane and Alexis Knapp have been dating, fueling rumors that have been coming and going about the pair in recent weeks.

The Seth MacFarlane Alexis Knapp relationship scuttlebutt got a big boost from People, and the mag alleges that the two reported lovebirds left the friendzone to become an honest to goodness couple.

Neither Knapp nor MacFarlane have confirmed the rumors, but an unnamed source dished:

“They’ve known each other and have been friends for years… She’s very bright and loves science like him. She’s down-to-earth and sweet.”

MacFarlane, 39, has been linked in the past to Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke. But the pair split in March, and Knapp is also single… or so we have heard.

Knapp, 24, was previously linked with Ryan Phillippe, and the two share a daughter Kailani, who is two. Knapp reportedly gave birth to her daughter after she and Reese Witherspoon’s ex called it quits.

So it might seem like Seth MacFarlane and Alexis Knapp are respectively in good spots to hit it off and begin a relationship, hence the chatter. However, Alexis’ reps say the rumors simply aren’t true.

Just Jared spoke to her people, who say that Seth and Alexis are best buds, but not the co-ed naked sleepover sort. The rep explained:

“Alexis and Seth have been great friends for years and nothing more.”

That directly contradicts what another “source” told E!, saying:

“It’s been going on for a little while. It’s very casual but they are hanging out and he is having fun with her. They’ve know each other for three years and have been getting closer for over a year… They always had good chemistry.”

Do you think Seth MacFarlane and Alexis Knapp are more than friends, or just the celeb gossip cycle’s most recent target?