Reporter Pam Oliver Hit In Face With Football [Video]

Fox Sports reporter Pam Oliver got hit in the face with a football while standing on the sidelines during the pre-season match up between the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Giants.

Oliver, a veteran reporter who has spent several seasons on the sidelines of the NFL, had her back turned to the action on the field and didn’t see Chandler Harnisch hurl the ball in her direction.

It’s unclear who Harnisch, the Colts backup QB, was attempting to hit with his pass but he ended up throwing a perfect spiral right into Oliver’s face.

Really, it’s a beautiful throw. Especially when you watch it in slow-motion (see video below).

Oliver was able to laugh off the pain and continued to cover the game from the sidelines. She’ll probably also get some flowers when she gets home.

Harnisch writes on Twitter: “Would like to take this time to apologize to Pam Oliver, for the bad pass to the face.. Be expecting flowers in the mail soon! #ToughLady”

Fox Sports also gave Pam Oliver a shout-out for working through the pain (and embarrassment) of getting hit with a football in the face.

Here’s the video of Pam Oliver getting hit in the face with a football.