Bra Vending Machine Spits Out Brassieres in Shibuya, Tokyo

A bra vending machine has been unveiled in the youthful shopping district of Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan.

According to a report in I Want Pop, it’s the first test of the bra vending machine for playful bra-maker Wacoal.

But it isn’t their first creative publicity campaign. Wacoal is the same company that recently featured a viral Thai TV ad for a push-up bra that’s apparently capable of transforming a flat-chested young man into a well-endowed beautiful young woman. If you haven’t seen that video yet, you’re more than welcome to take a look.

The new bra vending machine can now be found at the Una NaNa Cool shop in Shibuya Parco until the end of the month. Here it can be tested under the watchful eyes of the store’s staff. On September 1, the machine will move to a Wacoal’s Futako-Tamagawa branch in Setagaya, Tokyo.

A Wacoal manager told the Japan Daily Press that the ultimate plan is to station the bra vending machine in an unstaffed location so that folks can buy their bras in private.

Right now, the machine only dispenses Wacoal’s Fun Fun Week wireless bras for ¥2940 — very roughly $30. The manager said that you can just look at the size chart and choose without being what JDP called being tailed by a salesperson.

Will it catch on? It’s hard to say. It might be OK for women in the smaller cup sizes. There’s a very gentle hint in the JDP piece that a shy guy could also buy a bra without discussing the purchase with anyone.

But how big the market is for that sort of thing is anybody’s guess.

I’m not so sure that this particular Shibuya innovation will catch on in the world at large, at least not with women who need fitted support.

Would you consider using a bra vending machine?

[bra vending machine photo by Wacoal via Twitter]