Woman Suing Officers Who Saved Her From Suicide Attempt

A woman who attempted to kill herself by jumping underneath a train when she was a teenager is now suing the officers who saved her.

Yasmin Rahman made the attempt when she suffered from depression as a 15-year-old, but she now believes that because the cops made the suicide attempt public she has been unable to get a job for over 12 years. This has now lead Rahman to sue the New York Police Department.

Rahman has alleged that the police reports and pictures of her failed suicide attempt which were made public has now put off potential employees.

Rahman, who claims to have been turned down by around 39 employers, told the New York Post, “It makes me feel like I’m going in circles.”

She has now filed a lawsuit for $7 million claiming that the details now come up on background checks against her, and the psychology graduate has remarked, “They asked me if I was on crutches or in a wheelchair.”

Rahman added, “They’ve told me, ‘It’s a police report, you were injured. There’s a picture of you at the hospital. There’s a picture of you on the tracks’.”

The 27-year-old, who has since recovered from her problems, explained, “I don’t think people understood I was afraid most of my childhood. I just didn’t want to be home any more.”

The incident proved to be a wake-up call for Rahman, who suffered numerous injuries in the ordeal, and she went on to study psychology, but despite graduating she has struggled to find any employment relating to her field.

Her attorney, Andrew Schatkin, has declared that the information surrounding her suicide attempt should have been kept confidential. He remarked, “I think it’s nobody’s business.” Rahman is suing both the city, and the officers who handled her case.

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