Knitting Group Can’t Meet At Library Because Of ‘Dangerous Needles’

A knitting group has been banned from the local library where they used to meet, because their needles are “dangerous” and its members are too “noisy.”

The Knit ‘n’ Natter group used to come together in Cramlington’s library in Northumberland, England, and they had done so once a week for the last three years.

In this time they have created thousands upon thousands of garments for premature babies, and the knitting group has also made replica anatomical parts for trainee NHS midwives.

However, the library has since moved to a new location, and the group has now been banned from the building by Northumberland County Council.

Their excuse is that the venue is too small to accommodate the group, which is around the size of 20 and 30 people. They are willing to grant them access if they split into small groups though.

One of the group’s founding members, Margaret Derrick, told the BBC, “We’ve been told different stories and different complaints and I don’t now know what to believe. We’ve been told knitting needles are dangerous instruments and against health and safety policy.” She then added, “We’ve also been told that it’s because we are too noisy.”

The group originally knitted at the library at the request of the council. Derrick added, “Unfortunately they’ve now got a new building and there is no room for us and it is ‘bye’. It’s just so sad, we can’t afford to hire a room.”

Wayne Daley, the Conservative councillor for Cramlington North was aghast at the decision. He remarked, “I think this is a shocking decision – I was taken aback. It is unbelievable that they county council can take a group that is successful and doing things for the NHS, and penalise them by throwing them out of what is supposed to be a community library.”

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