Armond ‘Sonny’ Noah Forced To Remove American Flag From Senior Center

Veteran Armond “Sonny” Noah was forced to take down an American flag located outside of his DeKalb County resident.

The Korean War war vet was proudly displaying the flag in a “public area” of the Ashford Landing Senior Residences when management engaged in its removal.

Noah wasn’t given any warning about the flags removal. Instead, management simply took the American flag.

It wasn’t until several days after the theft that management reached out to Noah and said they wouldn’t allow flags to be flown in a commons area.

Ashford Landing is a federally subsidized housing facility which makes the removal of an American flag even more troubling.

Speaking to Fox Atlanta about the American flag removal, Noah explains:

“I don’t think we should have to fight for the flag. It was an honor for me to serve the country. And I was proud of that. I was a good soldier.”

Following a very public display of disgust from locals and internet users, a member of the facilities management apologized. The representative admits that management mishandled the situation, and they are soon to issue a public apology to Armond “Sonny” Noah.

Officials say the American Flag issue will hopefully be remedied by reaching a compromise with Noah.

It’s still unclear if any residents in the Ashford Landing facility had issues with the flying of the American Flag or if management simply made the decision on their own.

This sadly is not the first time a take down request for the American Flag has been waged. An Iraq war vet in Florida was told to take down his flag after an un-American neighbor complained. In another incident, a New Jersey women in an apartment complex was told to remove her very small American flag display from her balcony.

Do you think American citizens should be able to fly the American flag without prejudice?

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