Twitter Death Wish Causes San Diego State University Fan To Lose Season Tickets

A San Diego State University fan had his basketball and football season tickets revoked after he wished for a players death on Twitter.

The former SDSU student posted death wishes against New Mexico guard Cullen Neal. The man posted the comments via the school’s unofficial but prominent cheering club account @TheShowSDSU.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, Neal was in the hospital for 10 days with appendicitis when the attacks began.

This wasn’t exactly the first time that “The Show” has engaged in personal attacks against opposing players. The Twitter account reads:

“Often imitated, never duplicated. You won’t like us. We don’t care.”

However, supporters of the group were quick to jump on the attacks against Cullen Neal and the tweets were eventually removed from the Twitter account.

Despite the tweets going away officials at San Diego State University still hunted down the fan and took away their ability to attend future SDU sporting events.

While pro athletes have paid large fines for offensive tweets in the past, this is the first time we have reported about a fan who has been punished for tweets they sent out against a player.

The Tweets have been deleted from the official @TheShowSDSU account, but a screen capture was grabbed before the removal. Here are the attacks waged against Cullen Neal:

Following the incident, The Show sent out several apology tweets:

Fans are regularly kicked out of sporting events for bad behavior, and now it looks like out of stadium behavior is also being closely monitored.

Do you think it was write for officials at San Diego State University to revoke the fans basketball and football season tickets?

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