Johnny Manziel: Tiger Woods Blamed For Johnny Football Signing So Many Autographs

Johnny Manziel is now confirmed to be under investigation by the NCAA for signing autographs for pay. In the ESPN video posted up top, you’ll see Skip Bayless speculate that the Texas A&M quarterback could be suspended for the entire college season as a result of the scandal.

Bayless clearly feels that the so-called Johnny Football has been deliberately flouting the rules of the NCAA — and for no good reason. He comes from an oil family and has no reason to sell the autographs just to make money.

If Johnny Manziel did sign the autographs for pay, why? It seems so stupid and senseless.

Yet there are detailed reports of at least one signing for pay incident that took place at an autograph seller’s home on January 6.

But nobody’s been found guilty of any wrong-doing yet. And people want to see Manziel play.

So they’ve been digging deeply for an explanation of the many hundreds of signed Johnny Manziel items available for sale.

Get ready to hear this one: Manziel is willing to sign so many autographs for free because Tiger Woods once refused to sign an autograph for him when he was a kid.

In an ESPN report on Johnny Manziel’s life by Wright Thompson published Wednesday, you’ll find this comment:

“Tiger Woods promised to meet him…to sign an autograph and never showed. So Johnny signed everything, no matter how much he grumbled and cursed with a pen in his hand. Whenever he’d see his parents, they’d always have a carload of things to autograph.”

See, it’s all Tiger’s fault. Manziel signs a ton of stuff so you won’t think he’s a stuck-up golfer.

Well, maybe.

But I think he might need to get a better story together. Just in case the NCAA isn’t buying that one.

Some Twitter reaction to the Johnny Manziel autograph signing scandal

Even if Johnny Manziel did take pay for signing the autographs, his fans are ready to forgive him. But will the NCAA?

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