Johnny Manziel Guilty Plea Deal Keeps ‘Johnny Football’ Out Of Jail

A Johnny Manziel guilty plea on Monday means that the 20-year-old Texas A&M quarterback nicknamed Johnny Football won’t be going to jail in connection with a June 2012 bar fight. The case had hung over the head of the Heisman Trophy winner for over a year.

At one point last month, the troubled player had even tweeted, “Bulls*** like tonight is a reason why I can’t wait to leave College Station — whenever it may be.”

Johnny Manziel’s troubles stemmed from a June 29, 2012 incident when a College Station, Texas officer on bicycle patrol saw a black man and a white man fighting. When police officers broke up the fight and asked for identification, then 19-year-old Manziel handed over a false Louisiana driver’s license that gave his age as 21.

Further questioning and a physical search of Manziel’s wallet led the police to discover his genuine license.

It’s possible the false license could have been intended for underage gambling in Louisiana, where the legal gambling age is 21. Manziel is known to gamble. However, the notorious January cash flashing incident that Manziel tweeted took place on an Indian reservation in Oklahoma, which does allow people as young as 18 to gamble legally.

Local news source The Eagle said that on Monday Johnny Manziel pleaded guilty to failing to identify himself to police officers. In return, Brazos County Attorney Rod Anderson dropped the possession of false identification charge against the player. A disorderly conduct charge was also dismissed by the city.

He may have been somewhat worried about the plea deal over the weekend. ABC 40 and other media sources noted that he left the Manning family’s football camp early this weekend, saying that he wasn’t feeling well.

At the court hearing on Monday, Magistrate Dana Zachary sentenced him to a $2,000 fine, two days in jail, and court costs.

However, because Manziel had already been arrested and jailed following the incident in 2012, the judge gave him credit for time served.

Therefore, the Johnny Manziel guilty plea deal allowed him to walk free without spending any more time in jail.

[Johnny Manziel photo by Johnny Manziel via Wikimedia]

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