Batman: Wes Bentley, Luke Evans, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Affleck In The Mix, Report

The latest about who could play Batman has added some more names to the mix. Wes Bentley, Luke Evans, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Ben Affleck are said to be strong candidates.

Ever since Zack Snyder announced he would be adding Batman to the story in a Man Of Steel sequel, rumors have been burning up the Internet as to who could replace Christian Bale, who is retiring from playing the dark knight.

According to a report from CosmicBookNews DC Entertainment, a source has named the actors who are said to have been offered screen tests to play Bruce Wayne/Batman.

The report says one of the spare suits from The Dark Knight Trilogy will be used for the auditions.

Another name who was supposedly being considered by the studio was that of Tyler Hoechlin, but the report says he is too young for what Zack Snyder is looking for in the actor who will play Batman.

Wes Bentley, Luke Evans, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Ben Affleck were the names provided by the source and according to this site, will be doing a screen test for the role.

Christopher Nolan has recommended Wes Bentley, says the source. He stars in Nolan’s new production, Interstellar who just started filming.

It is rumored that David S. Goyer’s pick is said to be Jake Gyllenhaal, which was the same opinion he had for Batman Begins.

Luke Evans has become quite the favorite leading man and recently starred in Fast And Furious 6. He co-stared with Henry Cavill, who will play Superman, in the Greek mythology flick Immortals in 2011. That could be an advantage for chemistry purposes.

Evans is currently filming Dracula, in the lead role and will star in The Crow, also in the main role. That could be the only problem in choosing him for the role, a conflict in schedules.

The source states that Affleck may decline, no reason given, but Warner Bros. will still give him a try.

The Batman auditions are to take place in September, with an announcement not expected until mid-September, beginning of October. adds that this particular source was the one that provided the information about the possible casting of Mark Strong as the villain Lex Luthor, which the actor seemed to confirm, kind of. They also provided accurate information on Man Of Steel.

The source also had some insights into Justice League, saying that the movie was planned by the studio, but Warner Bros. wanted a Batman/Superman movie first.

Zack Snyder has recently said that he wanted to do a stand alone Man Of Steel movie before jumping into Justice League, but ultimately has to listen to the studio.

One thing is for sure, all eyes will be on Wes Bentley, Luke Evans, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Ben Afleck to see if any of them end up playing Batman.