Now PETA wants to ban horse drawn carriages

Actress Kristen Johnston is the face on a new campaign for PETA that is attempting to have horse drawn carriage banned.

Johnston appeared nude for the campaign in a Lady Godiva pose per the picture above. Other celebs supporting the cause are Pink, Alec Baldwin, and Chrissie Hynde. The campaign is currently focused on New York, where there are around 100 horse drawn carriages doing the rounds. Johnston says on the matter (via The Gothamist)

“The horses go from this horrible job where they’re pulling people through the streets of Manhattan all day to this tiny jail cell in this building that’s like a cramped parking garage. I’d say to tourists considering coming to New York, there’s so much amazing stuff to do here. But please do something else. I hope within the next year that there are no more horse-drawn carriages.”

Thousands of years of human history, and now PETA wants to ban horse drawn carriages? WTF? No one would argue that some animals may be treated poorly, but if PETA had its way we’d still all be living in caves, or alternatively worshiping animals as gods above humans. Just when you think you’ve seen PETA go to extremes, they out do themselves once again.

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