Update: Hot Topic changes mind, will continue to sell ‘Rage Guy/Race Guy’ shirts

Mall purveyor of teenage dissent Hot Topic has revised their stance on the ‘Rage Guy’/’Race Guy’ t-shirt flap after just a day, opting to keep the shirts in stock after decision-makers at the chain determined that backlash against the sale of the internet-sourced t-shirts was a “hoax.”

Citing KnowYourMeme.com, Hot Topic made this statement on their Facebook page announcing that the shirts won’t be yanked from Hot Topic locations or the chain’s website after all:

After many hours researched and many communities identifying this as a hoax, we’ve made the decision to continue carrying the “Rage Guy” t-shirt. It is NOT racist.

Check out the link below with updated info.

Per KnowYourMeme, the retailer made this statement in between the first announcement and the second:

A little meme update for you all. The whole “race guy” was a hoax. Period. People need to get a life.

We refuse to cave to bad people doing bad things. Any other negative comments on our fans’ posts will be deleted.

Check out this article by geekosystem.com: http://www.geekosystem.com/hot-topic-ends-fffuuuuuuu-shirts/

Comments from other Facebook members on Hot Topic’s wall indicates that they’ve not given up on pressuring the retailer to pull the shirts just yet, but Hot Topic has yet to address the “Rage Guy/Race Guy” shirt issue since yesterday’s final statement on the matter.