Man Reunited With Wedding Ring After Mystery Woman Finds It In Ocean

A New Jersey man was reunited with his wedding ring after a mystery woman with a metal detector found it in the ocean hours after it was lost.

Casey Brooks and his wife, Lindsey, were on a mini vacation at Atlantic City’s Tropicana Casino when Brooks lost the ring. They had spent Wednesday at the beach, and Brooks paddled out on a boogie board at full tide. He said he was about 50 yards out when the ring slid off his finger.

“I instantly froze and started feeling around on the ocean floor with my feet,” Brooks told the Huffington Post.

His wife borrowed a pair of goggles and went in the water to help look. They tried searching through the sand, but were unable to find the ring.

“With goggles on, we are searching and searching but at this point I feel the truth setting in,” Brooks said. “I lost my wedding ring and it’s gone forever. We both look at each other and realize it’s gone!”

The couple’s first anniversary is in November, so Brooks hadn’t even had the ring for a year yet when it was lost. He and his wife took a walk on the beach later that night and came across a woman with a metal detector. They asked if she had found a wedding band, but she hadn’t. She asked Brooks where he lost it, and went into the water to search for it. Less than 10 minutes later, she found the ring buried a foot deep in the sand.

“I was speechless, my wife was crying tears of joy,” Brooks said. “We could not believe it.”

Brooks gave the woman all of the cash in his wallet, $100, for her incredible find. She then posed for a picture with Brooks.

“I didn’t even get her name but she got big hugs from my wife and me,” he said.

According to a friend of Brooks, who posted the picture to imgur, the relieved husband wrote on Facebook, “Can you F*@$king believe it… I lost my wedding ring 4 hours ago in the Atlantic Ocean and this woman found it with her metal detector!!!!!!! I am speechless at this moment. Oh, she got paid!”

Brooks isn’t the only person to be reunited with a wedding ring with the help of a stranger. In August 2012, Danielle Hatherley Carroll lost her wedding ring after spending the day in Battery Park. When she went to look for the ring — a 10th anniversary band, which had been bought to replace one she had previously lost — she was unable to find it. She left a note on a nearby garbage truck, then went out to look for the ring later that night. Her husband woke up and went with her.

Garbage man Gary Gaddist read the note and called Carroll, who explained the situation. He then went the garbage in his truck and quickly found the ring. He called Carroll to tell her the good news.

“I was ecstatic, I started to cry,” she said. “I hopped in a cab and raced down to meet him.”

Gaddist said it was “a love thing” that made him look for the ring.

“She sounded like a nice person, and I could tell she and her husband love each other,” he said. “I’m glad I could help.”

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