40 Pythons In Motel Room Were ‘Distressed’ Black Market Snakes

On Thursday, 40 pythons, described as being in a “distressed” condition, were rescued from a motel room in Brantford, Canada.

Police found the ball pythons in plastic storage bins and quickly called the SPCA after noting that the animals were nor properly cared for, reports Reuters.

“We popped the lids of the containers and saw a mass of snake,” said animal cruelty investigator Brandon James. “They were all entangled. They were in distress because of the overcrowding.”

The 40 pythons in the motel room were of a non-venomous species which hails from Africa. They can grow up to 4 1/2 feet in length, and is the smallest of the African pythons. It is also a popular pet snake due to its relatively docile temperament.

However, it’s illegal to own a python in Brantford. James believes that the snakes were being gathered for sale elsewhere, as there’s a big demand for mature ball pythons.

The room was checked out by a couple for he night, but they were gone by the time police arrived on the scene. No further details were known about the apparent snake handlers, and all of the pythons are currently being cared for at an SPCA facility.

Pythons have been making headlines lately after two young boys in eastern Canada died after a 13-foot python apparently strangled them in their sleep. James said that he understands the public’s fear such a thing may happen again, but considers it an isolated incident, reports CNews.

“There is no reason to believe that it would happen with these smaller snakes, but I don’t know them well,” he said. “These snakes are well handled, but I’m sure situations could arise when they can be dangerous.”

The 40 pythons rescued will be transferred to a network that can house them long-term or adopt them out.

[Image: Wikimedia Commons]

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