Hannah Anderson’s Letters And Calls To DiMaggio Raise Questions

Hannah Anderson’s letters and phone calls to James Lee DiMaggio have raised some questions. Warrants reveal that Anderson and DiMaggio shared correspondence, phone calls, and vacations.

In a search of DiMaggio’s home, authorities recovered several handwritten letters from Anderson to DiMaggio. The content of the correspondence has not been revealed.

As reported by CBS News, phone records show that the two exchanged 13 phone calls the day of the kidnapping. The nature of the phone calls is unknown.

It was also revealed that 16-year-old Hannah Anderson went on numerous overnight trips with DiMaggio. Most recently, the pair traveled to Hollywood and Malibu.

Anderson contends that she was uncomfortable around DiMaggio. She explains that he made suggestive comments, telling her that he was “drawn to her.” She did not discuss her feelings with either of her parents.

On August 4, DiMaggio picked Anderson up from cheerleading practice. Within hours, DiMaggio allegedly tortured and killed Anderson’s mother and brother. He then set his house on fire, fleeing the scene.

As reported by CNN, DiMaggio forced Anderson to go with him. An Amber alert was issued for Anderson. Authorities conducted a massive search that lasted for days.

Anderson and DiMaggio were eventually located in a remote area of Idaho. DiMaggio was shot and killed by authorities. Anderson was taken to the hospital for an evaluation.

In addition to the letters and phone calls, the warrant listed arson wire, a gas can, a handcuff box, duct tape, and used condoms.

When questioned about a relationship between Anderson and DiMaggio, Authorities denied the possibility. San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore explains that Anderson is a “victim in every sense of the word.”

As reported by CBS, Dole states:

“I can’t make it any clearer – she was a victim in this case, she was not a willing participant.”

Hannah Anderson’s letters to DiMaggio have raised questions about the entire case. Authorities will not discuss the content as their investigation is ongoing.

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