Paris Hilton Insists She’s All Grown Up

According to heiress and budding musician Paris Hilton, she’s grown up a lot since the days she partied with such popular pals as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.

The 32-year-old starlet insists that she’s changed a lot since her 20s. Now that she’s rapidly headed towards 40, Hilton claims that she doesn’t party nearly as hard anymore. Chances are you won’t find her tooling around the Los Angeles club scene these days.

“Any time I see them, I always love seeing them. I bumped into them a few months ago. Everyone has just grown up, which is nice. Everyone goes through things when they are growing up. I think they are great girls and I wish them all the best,” she explained during an interview with Metro.

What does Paris Hilton do with her free time? In addition to juggling several fragrances and a brand new hotel in the Philippines, she is currently hard at work on her next musical endeavor with Cash Money. Although the album is expected to drop later this year, a release date isn’t available.

It would appear that Hilton has turned into a bit of cougar in her old age. The heiress is currently in a relationship with 21-year-old model River Viiperi. She told the publication that her recent romance has restored her faith in guys.

“When you are in love and in an amazing relationship, it really changes your life. It’s really important to me and special to me,” Paris Hilton said during her recent chat.

She continued, “I love that he is so mature and has such a big heart and he is so honest and loyal and I trust him with my life. It’s hard finding someone who really loves you for you and I’ve found that and that’s rare, especially where I live. I’m happy and lucky.”

Do you think Paris Hilton has finally grown up? Do you plan to check out her new album when it hits retail shelves later this year?

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