World’s Oldest Tiger Plays In Fountain, Too Cute [Video]

A tiger playing in a fountain is your latest dose of cute. Just hit that button up to watch the cool new video from Big Cat Rescue.

As you can see, 24-year-old Flavio is having a blast as he scraps with a spewing fountain of water in his new habitat at the Tampa, Florida area sanctuary for the big cats.

But there’s one word of warning. The video does start out with an obnoxious Amazon advertisement. And Ad Blocker doesn’t seem to do the trick for this one.

So if you’re offended by ads, I don’t know what to tell you. People, it’s a non-profit sanctuary for animals that have very expensive requirements for their care. I’d say that viewing an ad is probably a pretty cheap way to donate.

But it’s up to you.

Big Cat Rescue said that the 24-year-old tiger is the world’s oldest. I have no reason to doubt them. Their maximum known lifespan is reportedly 26.

Wild tigers are currently facing some significant challenges. Three of the nine known subspecies of tiger are already extinct. Some tigers, including the popular white tigers, are a product of inbreeding rather than a true subspecies. They might make good exhibits, but they can’t replace the losses in the wild.

Loss of habitat, loss of genetic diversity, and even a form of fatal distemper may bring more subspecies and perhaps the entire species to the brink of extinction in the wild.

But they’re still thriving in captivity in the right conditions. In the video 24-year-old Flavio appeared to be as playful as a young kitten.

So with any luck we’ll be seeing much more from the world’s oldest tiger. In fact, the new tiger fountain video is just one in a long list of over 300 YouTubes from Big Cat Rescue.

[tiger thumbnail photo credit: ucumari via photopin cc]

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