Apple iOS 7 Beta 6 Download Arriving Next Week

Apple will release the iOS 7 Beta 6 platform next week. The new version of the popular mobile platform will be the final beta offering before the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are announced in September.

Sources close to the release tell BGR that, after the iOS 7 Beta 6 release, the company will prepare the GM (gold master) version for its employees and major partners. The GM version of iOS 7 is expected to arrive on September 5.

Barring any major bugs or other issues, the gold master version will likely be the finalized OS released for Apple’s new smartphones.

If developers are satisfied with the gold master build, it will be placed into general developer release on September 10. If you’ve been following iPhone development, you’ll recall that the device will be officially unveiled on September 10.

According to early beta developers, Apple has been majorly tweaking its new OS with input from beta testers. In several releases, the tech firm dramatically shifted its design focus and user interface setup.

In the past, Apple was more closed off about its development process; however, the company has transitioned to a new flat design that is a dramatic design shift from its former skeuomorphic platform.

By building on its previous beta builds until both Apple and developers are happy, we could potentially see a dramatic departure for the iOS platform.

While beta releases from Apple show a more transparent build process, the iOS 7 platform has remained remarkably secretive.

Are you looking forward to the Apple iOS7 platform and the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C models?

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