Apple iPhone Fingerprint Reader And iPhone 5C Rumors

The Apple iPhone fingerprint reader is the most widely talked about possible feature for the upcoming iPhone 5S. The new feature, it is believed, will replace the Apple iPhone home button while providing a new level of security for users.

The iPhone fingerprint readers existence appears to have been confirmed thanks to a folder in the iOS 7 beta platform.

In the iOS 7 code is a folder called BiometricKitUI. That folder mentions “fingerprint status” and describes a print scan that involves a user touching the Home button with their thumb.

According to 9to5Mac, an unnamed “source familiar with the development of the new iPhone” says the fingerprint scanner is meant to unlock the phone. Ultimately the iPhone fingerprint reader could be used to make mobile payments more secure and for various other purposes down the road.

While the folder makes mention of a fingerprint reader, that doesn’t necessarily mean the hardware will be added to the upcoming iPhone 5S. Apple purchased fingerprint reader company Authentec in 2012, and the company could simply be playing with the features offered through its new acquisition. Authentec builds fingerprint tech and encryption technology that relies on that technology.

While the inclusion of an Apple fingerprint reader is definitely the biggest point of discussion for Apple at the moment, it isn’t the only rumor floating around.

Recently, the packaging for a reported iPhone 5C device has been spotted. It is believed that the 5C or 5 “Color” could be the name for a new low-cost iPhone, also known as the iPhone Lite. The iPhone 5C is believed to feature a plastic case that will offer various different colors.

WeiPhone recently posted a picture of the iPhone 5C packaging and claimed that the device will feature a design that is a cross between iPhone, iPod, and iPod Touch devices.

With Apple’s fingerprinter reader and low-cost iPhone devices expected to go on sale in October, our wait to end rumor speculation is almost over.

In the meantime, the Apple fingerprint reader is raising concerns over user privacy.

What would you like to see from the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C models?

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