Zoo Unveils Dog Lion In China

Caution. You are about to read an article about one of the most dangerous animals known to man: The Chinese Zoo Dog Lion.

According to NPR, the Louhe City Zoo in the central Henan province recently tried to fool its visitors by using a dog instead of lion. It may have worked for a moment or two but then the Tibetan mastiff barked and his cover was blown.

Apparently the mistake was spotted by a six-year-old who noticed that the “African Lion” was barking like a dog.

The Dahe Daily newspaper reports: “On the way, Mrs. Liu was teaching her son all the sounds that the different animals make. But when they arrived, her son said the lion was barking like a dog.”

What type of zoo would use a dog as a lion? Well, the same type of zoo that would use a dog as a wolf. Yep, the famous Dog Lion wasn’t the only bizarre creature at the zoo. The zoo also had a domestic dog in the wolf pen.

Mrs. Liu said: “The zoo is absolutely trying to cheat us. They are trying to disguise dogs as lions.”

The zoo hasn’t given an official explanation but a spokesman for the zoo told the Slide Show that the lion had recently been sent away for breeding. So, you know, it’s just like having a stand-in on a Broadway play. The main attraction was busy with prior engagements so the audience at the Louhe City Zoo got to see the lion’s stand in: A dog.

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