‘Grand Theft Auto Online’: What You May Have Missed In The Gameplay Trailer

David Cornell - Author

Aug. 15 2013, Updated 12:07 p.m. ET

Grand Theft Auto Online’s gameplay trailer may have given us clues as to what we can eventually do.

The new gameplay trailer has just hit, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. As promised, it showed us copious amounts of gameplay footage, and may have given away some hints as to what we can do in the game that Rockstar Games is planning to bundle in with Grand Theft Auto V.

There will possibly be multiplayer helicopter chases as players choose to play as the police, or possibly corrupt police, chasing down criminals as they commit their crimes and earning money as they stop crimes in progress.

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There might be weapon add-ons for vehicles as you blast your way through barricades to evade the police, or just more explosive guns you can fire out of the window as you drive or possibly ride shotgun. You might even be able to hide inside armored cars to lose the cops or anyone after you.

You will be able to go off-roading in Grand Theft Auto Online, using souped-up quads to pull off stunts straight out of the extreme sports. Vin Diesel would probably be proud.

Some missions or even multiplayer events will take place indoors, including arm wrestling, shoot-outs, and possibly court-based games and wagers.

The combat will include the ability to use the environment as cover while you take down enemies from a distance, and a weapon selection wheel that lets you choose your license to kick ass on the fly.

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You will be able to team up with other players to take on missions, gangs, or possibly even rival teams of other players in true urban combat to possibly rival the popular shooters.

Much like previous Grand Theft Auto titles, where you could get a paint job to shake pursuing police, Grand Theft Auto Online will let you change your hairstyle, clothes, and other things to possibly do the same thing on foot.

There will be an emphasis on the social aspects of the game, as you can buy apartments to hang out with friends or whatever floats your boat. You can also buy a garage where you can keep various vehicles and take them out for races.

You might even be able to hijack a fighter jet and bomb rival territories in well-timed fly-by attacks.

You can also create your own shoot-out maps and race routes using the customization features, giving gamers more to do than just cause general mayhem.

Did you catch anything else in the Grand Theft Auto Online gameplay trailer?


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