Decapitated Snake Bites Its Own Body [Video]

Gregory Wakeman - Author

Aug. 15 2013, Updated 10:51 a.m. ET

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A decapitated snake managed to bite its own body, even after its own head had been severed.

A video capturing the incident — which occurred in Huntsville, Alabama — sees the reptile attack its own body, apparently out of instinct, while its lower half simply flails around in reaction.

YouTube user Sam Billiter uploaded it to the website on August 13, 2013, and he has so far amassed over 830,000 views. He added the caption, “After decapitation this snake bit it’s own butt! [Aug 2013).”

On the video, Sam explains that a “copperhead” snake had just been killed before remarking that its “body is still going.” Sam then zooms in on the head of the animal,while its body continues to writhe around.

Its tail moves several more times, coming closer and closer to its head, before, ultimately, the head then clamps down on its body in an instinctive yet brutal manner.

Sam had poetically added, “It’s pretty wild,” but then becomes incredibly excited once the snake bites itself, shouting, “Oh it just bit itself, Wow. The snake’s head just bit its body. That is crazy.”

He then laughs and throws in a few more “wows” before continuing to film. The snake’s head bites down so ferociously on its own body though that no matter how many times the tail tries to shake it off, it stays there.

Sam then adds, “that’s crazy,” before telling the snake “don’t bite yourself.” User comments have since criticised Sam for his actions, and people have asked him why he killed the animal. Mr. Billeter added that he killed the snake, which had been hiding in his woodpile, so that it wouldn’t bite his dog or son.

Many snakes have reflexes that last for hours after their death; however, this is the first time that a snake has actually been caught biting its own body.


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