Jimmy Fallon Spoofs ‘Breaking Bad’ With ‘Joking Bad’ Teaser [Video]

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon is known for having a ton of fun making parodies either with, or of his friends. The former Saturday Night Live cast member brought that creativity when he signed up to host his own Late Night show on NBC.

One job promotion later, and Jimmy Fallon is still showing his playful side. Fallon premiered a teaser of a new parody he has planned on the Today show called Joking Bad. As you might have guessed his parody promises to make fun of the AMC hit series Breaking Bad.

In the teaser trailer, Fallon is seen wrapping up an episode of his Late Night gig, and quickly transforms backstage into the one and only Walter White. Fallon reveals his full transformation when he steps into a green room, wearing a goatee, glasses, no pants, and a bald cap.

Excluding the bald head, this was the signature look for Walter White in the pilot episode, when audiences watched him look bewildered, alone, and scared in the wilderness of New Mexico.

Jimmy Fallon has been teasing his Breaking Bad parody throughout the month on his Twitter. Apparently the mint green shirt and pantless look isn’t the only look Fallon plans to embody as Walter White. On August 11 he teased a new appearance for his Breaking Bad parody, as he wore a yellow hazmat suit, glasses and goatee, while throwing up a peace sign for all of his Twitter followers.

Other Fallon parodies include Downtown Abbey as Downtown Sixbey, and Game of Thrones as Game of Desks. In some cases he’s even had mock interviews with his favorite television characters.

Last year he had Saved By The Bell’s Mark-Paul Gosselaar come on his show to interview as Zach Morris, and earlier this year he let John Stamos reprise his role as Uncle Jesse on Full House for a performance.

Are you excited to see Jimmy Fallon take on Breaking Bad?

Check out Jimmy Fallon’s Joking Bad clip below:

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