Kawahiva Tribe Filmed For First Time In Amazon [Video]

The first images of the Kawahiva Tribe have been released online.

The isolated indigenous tribe living in the Amazon jungle in Brazil has had very little contact with the outside world but FUNAI, the Brazil government’s agency overseeing indigenous matters, recently captured a video of some of the tribe’s people.

According to the Huffington Post, the video was shot in 2011 but was only released this week.

The Kawahiva were discovered in 1999 by loggers in the Amazon but it is still unclear just how large the tribe is.

FUNAI set up a reservation last year to protect the tribe’s land. The Telegraph reports that more than 400,000 acres was sectioned off for the indigenous group in the Western Mato Grosso State.

Still, Carlos Travassos, the head coordinator for Isolated and Recently Contacted Indigenous groups at FUNAI, said that the tribue is still being threatened by farmers and loggers.

The video of the Kawahiva tribe shows several men walking through the forest with bows and arrows. A woman can also be seen carrying a child on her back.

(The video may be considered NSFW for nudity.)

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