Prince George Not Yet Sleeping Through The Night

During his first public appearance after the birth of this son Prince George, the Duke of Cambridge had a few tid bits of information to satisfy the very curious crowd which came to greet him. One of those was that the little Prince is not yet sleeping all night.

Both William and Kate are seemingly low key, down to earth people and even if he is the future King of England, they are not unlike most new parents out there. They are not getting any sleep.

The first few weeks of a baby’s life can be a challenge for first time parents and from what William had to say today, he and Kate are no different.

William said Prince George is “loud”, which probably means that he cries a lot, but he also said the is “extremely good looking”, on this one we can’t be sure if he was referring to himself or his lovely wife Catherine, as he called her today.

Joan Roberts of Carmel, North Wales, one of the lucky few who had some words with the Prince at the Anglesey County Show today, said,

“He told me that he hopes he (George) will sleep through the night soon.”

William also said caring for a three-week-old baby is “right up there” compared to conducting dangerous search and rescue missions for the Royal Air Force.

The Prince has not announced what he will do next as far as his career is concerned. He could be transferred to another base in a different part of England or he could assume more of his royal duties, as he is second in line to the throne after his father, Prince Charles.

Today’s appearance marked the second time that William was seen in public since the birth of Prince George, who stayed home with mom Kate.

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